My Story

I got started building web and mobile software in an agency in the U.S. Every day, we faced the challenge of building complex custom software from scratch in the face of limited time and budget.

Through my time in the U.S., I came to realize that there are a lot of patterns to software development, and I realized that I could dramatically speed the process up by creating reusable modules that follow those patterns.

So I started doing a lot of research, and I collected reusable modules, tools, and best practices from my own work, and from some of the best minds in Silicon Valley.

Over time, the quality of my software dramatically improved, and the time it took me to build it decreased. My colleagues in the U.S. and I were able to build custom business software for world-known organizations from the ground up in a matter of a couple months.

I wanted to take things a step further, so I decided to start my own company, so I can help other people build powerful software faster.

I now live in Hong Kong with my wife and 2-year old son, where we are in the process of setting up the life of our dreams.