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Robby Emmert is a software consultant who specializes in aligning tech teams with business strategy, and launching custom software platforms. When he’s not researching new technologies or attending a meetup, he’s exploring Hong Kong or eating with his family at the closest 茶餐廳 (Cantonese Restaurant).

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Software Innovation For the Non-Techie

You don't need millions in venture capital, or a degree from MIT in order to build innovative software. Even as a non-technical entrepreneur, you can learn to apply your creativity to technology without getting stuck in the details, or learning to code.

What would you do if you could:

  • Help your developers understand your vision?
  • Increase your team's capacity, without hiring yet another engineer?
  • Leverage existing apps, turning competitors into partners?
  • Upgrade a legacy system without downtime, or a chaotic "go-live" event?

I provide consulting and architecture services to help non-technical entrepreneurs design feasible, scalable, and powerful software.

Resources For Entrepreneurs

How To Communicate Effectively With Developers

Most barriers entrepreneurs face building software services are actually caused by communication problems. By communicating better with developers, entrepreneurs can save months, and tens of thousands of dollars.

How To Prototype Apps With PowerPoint

Did you know you can create realistic mobile app prototypes without coding, or complex design tools?